The time when the child gets birth greatly impacts the child’s identity throughout life. The name kept by his parents can also influence his life. The name and date of birth serve as the footing of numerology. Based on these numbers, numerologists can make advanced predictions considering personality, career, relationship, finance, etc.  

What does Numerology mean? 

The word Numerology implies that it is the science of numbers. Numerology is completely sure of the numbers and their vibrational inclination that encourages a numerologist online or any numerology expert to indicate somebody’s future. It is said that all numbers have the power to influence the characteristics of an individual and the incidents occurring in their life. The sum of numbers in an individual's birthday and the numerological equivalents in an individual's name are considered.

Benefits of Numerology

Numerology assists in knowing the positive and negative points of a person. There are several ways where numerology assists and works for the development of the life of people. Like suggesting the right profession and career, relationship compatibility, predicting a beneficial name for business and children, and several solutions related to work, business, and job predictions. 

How does numerology help you to Know your Future?

Using your corresponding numbers, numerology can help you predict your future. Various best numerologists in India can predict your future. Numerologists can use your date of birth and name to calculate your friendly or untrue fly numbers and planets. Friendly numbers will predict your good time in the future. Based on these calculations, the numerologist online can predict that this will be a lucky day, month, year or even lucky marriage, business partner, and much more. 

Types of Numerology?

Numerology is popular and practised throughout the world. However, in its forms, there are some slight differences. The different and most common types of numerology are as follows:

  1. Chaldean Numerology:

This form is believed to be born in Babylon. Here, the numbers are not assigned to the letters based on their alphabetical sequence but according to the vibration of the letters. In this form, the number 9 is not assigned to any letter, but none can come due to the addition of various numbers. This type of numerology also considers the date of birth and name of the person. 

  1. Pythagorean numerology:

This firm of numerology is easy to learn and practice and is considered the most common form. This type of numerology considers both a person's birth date and name to determine the results of the interaction between the two. Here the numbers are allotted to letters as per their sequence. It is based on numbers 1 to 9, and the numbers 11 and 22 are treated as master numbers or vibrations. 

  1. Kabbalah Numerology:

The Hebrew alphabets are the basis of this type of numerology. It only uses a person's name and consists of only 22 vibrations. 

  1. New Kabbalah:

This modern version of Kabbalah numerology was developed to comprise the modifications in the modern Roman alphabet. 

  1. Abracadabra Numerology: 

This form of numerology is considered the least famous form. This type analyses a series of numerical values and pyramids to get the results regarding the person's character and life events. 

What does Life-Path Number mean?

The life path number is possibly the most powerful numerological aspect to be considered. The life path number can be deduced from your date of birth. Every life path number depicts a different meaning. These numbers will represent who you are at this moment. 

Life path number demonstrates the particular traits existing in you and may likely be effective and influential throughout your lifetime. A life path number also depicts any opportunities or challenges you may face in the future and various lessons you may have to learn. 

From your birthday, this number can be calculated by adding your birthday numbers as: 

For instance, your birthday is 5th April 1992. This can be reduced as:

5+4=9 (day and month)

The year 1992 will be 1+9+9+2= 21. 21 is further reduced as 2+1=3.

Now add 9+3= 12. Reduce this 12 to single digit as1+2= 3. So three will be your life path number. 

Single digits- the basis of Numerology.

The single digits from 1 to 9 are the basis of numerology. Any number, whether from your birthday or your name, is reduced to a single digit by summing up those numbers it is made of. For instance, the number 213 is reduced to 6 as 2+1+3=6. By reviewing the particular meanings of every digit 1 to 9,  Numerology Consultation Online can read the vaster meaning of any other number. As per Numerology Consultation Online, the meaning of these various digits is as follows:

1: goal-oriented, Independent, innovative

2: Intuitive, influential, unifying

3: artistic, Communicative, charming

4: service-oriented, Practical, loyal, 

5:  adaptable, Curious, social

6: protective, Supportive, romantic

7: analytical, Spiritual, curious, 

8: Ambitious, enduring, karmic

9: tolerant, Awakening, supportive